Serial Port Logger and Serial Port Logger ActiveX

Serial Port Logger and Serial Port Logger ActiveX capture and log com port data to files, databases or as you want

Our Serial Port Logger monitors any number of serial ports, captures data from any devices connected to them and logs the information in a customized log file. It implements wide exporting functions: from a classic export to an ODBC database to a direct real-time OPC exporting, or embedding the data to any document via OLE with help of the ActiveX component.

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Serial Port Flexible Control

This serial port logger offers a wide range of tools to control the data transfer. You can fine tune the baud rate, the amount of bits and stop-bits; you can use software or hardware data flow control, control the data transfer direction and so on. The program works with standard serial ports (RS232) and RS422 or RS485 (needs hardware adapter) protocols and even with all of them simultaneously!

Painless Export

One of the crucial requirements to every serial port logger is vast exporting functions. With Advanced Serial Data Logger there's no problem in exporting the data anywhere you want. Thanks to a full-featured ODBC support, the program directly exports data to Excel, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Access or any other ODBC-compatible database. And you can build even more flexible solution because of Advanced Serial Data Logger's ability to work as a DDE or an OPC server. You can even set up our port monitor for a usage in industrial SCADA systems with heavy real-time data acquisition. And even if the target application doesn't support any of these technologies, you still can work with it by sending the data via key strokes. This method works even with ancient DOS-fossils!

Easy to Use of Serial Port Logger

Our serial port logger works under all Windows systems starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 10, both under x86 and x64, and doesn't require any special skills to start working with it. Each configuration step is obviously visualized, so you won't experience problems mastering the program, and even if some question arises, the comprehensive contextual help is at your service always ready to answer!

Start using Advanced Serial Data Logger now and you'll never get back to the old-style serial data logging!

« I stumbled across your monitor and logger applications, and I have to say I am very impressed! I am trying to use your software to monitor an RS485 link between two of our products to try and determine the cause of some serial read errors on one of these devices. »

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Multiple serial ports. Capability to log multiple serial ports, com ports. Up to 256 RS232, RS485 or RS422 ports can be monitored simultaneously. Full duplex mode is supported;

Flexible serial port parameters. You may use any baud rate, number of data bits or stop bits, parity, hardware and software flow control and specify custom baud rates;

Spy (sniffer) mode. Incoming and outgoing data streams logging between a device and another program;

Extended logging features. Real-time com port data logging to formatted or plain log files;

Serial Port Logger Statistics. Real-time counter of the received and stored bytes, files, data packets;

Logs formatting. Customizable logging format of log files;

Data query plugins. Can send data requests to an device to start data exchange over the serial port;

Data parser plugins. You can split your serial port data to data packets and process it;

Data export plugins. Allow your to log serial port data into any database (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle and many others);

Real time. Serial port data monitoring directly from another application via DDE and OPC interfaces;

Serial Port Logger ActiveX. It is an ActiveX component that uses our Serial Port Logger to get either data from a serial port or already processed and converted data besides the standard export tools in the program;

Various OS. It can work on all Windows platforms from 9x to Windows 7 (servers, both x32 and x64);

Service mode. Serial Data Logger can be configured and used as a service and log data in background;

On-line help. Advanced Serial Data Logger is extremely easy to master; every configuration step is extensively illustrated, while the detailed contextual help ensures you never miss any single nuance.


AGG Software offers several license types of our Serial Port Logger software: from Lite to Enterprise edition. Read more here.

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